This is an installation overview, full instructions are included with the product.

The DeltaWarm cable is to be embedded directly between the subfloor and the floor covering.

A certified electrician must make the final power connection.

Starting at the power source, lay the cable around the perimeter of the room to the farthest corner. Then serpentine the cable across the inside of the room (as shown on detail 1) returning to the power source.

Floor Warming Installation

  1. Rough-in the electrical junction box that will hold the thermostat at the power source.
  2. Install two 1/2" thin walled metal conduits leading from the power source to the subfloor. The conduit used to hold the thermostatic sensor will extend toward the center of the room.
  3. Feed one black cable lead through the shorter of the two conduits up to the power source.
  4. Lay the cable on the subfloor at the required spacing.
  5. Attach the cable to the subfloor every 3' with the clips provided.
  6. The second black cable lead returns through the same metal conduit up to the power soource.
  7. Slide the thermostatic sensor inside of the second conduit.
  8. Make the power connection at the back of the thermostat.
  9. Embed the cable in a single pour of mortar.
  10. Lay floor covering per manufacturers installation instructions.

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