Floor Warming

A safe, economical, and flexible heating system, Delta-Therm provides warmth radiating from the floor with no drafts or cold spots. Best of all, you control individual room settings and energy costs.

Install Delta-Therm as a secondary floor warming system to warm a cold tile, stone, or marble floor. Whatever the application, your floor surface will be a comfortable 85 to 92 degrees F. 

All systems are either UL Listed or CSA certified.

Warm Floor

Safe and Reliable

A UL Listed Delta-Therm floor warming system is known for 100% efficiency, Energy Star rated control, and a 10 year warranty. 

Delta-Therm 2FW Cable Features

Easy to Install

Delta-Therm 2FW floor warming cable is ready for your contractor to install right out of the box.  You will not have to make any on-site modifications.

Using a single-point connection, Delta-Therm allows your contractor to quickly connect your 2FW floor warming cable right to power at the back of your Delta-Therm thermostat. 

Engineered for Peace of Mind

The new 2FW cable conductors are made with stranded resistance wires encased in FX150 insulation.

Not only is FX150 a flexible rubber like material made with heat defying XR 150C insulation, the twisted pair conductors shield you from EMF.

Delta-Therm 2FW cable is properly tested and listed for safety and quality. 


Measuring about 1/8" in diameter, Delta-Therm allows your contractor to install the 2FW cable in a compact thin mortar layer.


Your contractor can install Delta-Therm 2FW floor warming cable in any room shap.  The ClipStrip strapping gives full control over placement of the 2FW cable while easily maneuvering around any built-in fixtures.


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