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Slab Snow Melting
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1. What voltages are available? 120 208 240 277 480
2. What are the dimensions of the areas you want to heat?
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area 5
3. Does the slab contain expansion joints?
4. How far apart are the expansion joints, if any?
5. Is this project for residential or commercial use?
6. What type of area do you want to heat?
7. Is the heated area open to moving air, such as a ramp or bridge?
8. Will the slab be insulated underneath?
9. Is the heated area above a heated space?
10. Do you want automatic controls?      If yes, distance to nearest indoor junction box?
11. To determine cold lead (pigtail) length, what is the distance, via conduit, from the heated area to the nearest indoor junction box or power panel?